Artistic Pantheon

Skalini Pantheon

Skalini Artistic Stone Pantheon Collection

Sizes Available: 7.25"x  7.25" Sheet

  • Pantheon White -   PNT 1
  • Pantheon Black -    PNT 2
  • Pantheon Antico -  PNT 3
  • Pantheon Blue -     PNT 4
  • Pantheon Crema -  PNT 5
  • Pantheon Grey     - PNT 6
  • Pantheon White-Grey-Antico
  • Pantheon Black and White
  • Pantheon White and Black
  • Pantheon White and Blue
  • Pantheon Blue and White
  • Pantheon Antico and White
  • Pantheon Nuovo Black 

  (items listed correspond to order of photos left to right)

This designer favorite collection features a unique historical pattern with Moroccan and European influences. Precisely etched and carefully cut the stone patterns are assembled artisitically creating a new decorative motif to add to your modern surrounding.

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Technical Information: Size: 7.25x7.25"  | Thickness: 3/8"

Suitable for: 

outdoor indoor low traffic floor
shower shower pan

Installation Guide :

For more detailed information on Care and Maintenance please visit: