Modern, simple, sophisticated. Metal.IT is a collection inspired by brushed steel, scratched with consistent use and the inexorable passage of time.  This collection is designed for modern, cosmopolitan interiors which are elegant and never banal. 

Public or private locations where the building's shell becomes a pure, simple container, emphasising minimalist architectural forms which are severe but never cold or sterile.

The name chosen for the series is intended to underline the trendiness of Italian contemporary design.

Colors Available : Platinum | Steel | Black Nickel

Sizes Available: 120x120 | 80x80 | 60x120 | 60x60 | 30x60 cm

Decoratives Available: Decor Twist | Listelli Sfalsati |

                                     Mosaic Tip Tap | Mosaic 5x5

For more information please download the catalogue: emilceramica./Metal.IT.Catalogo.pdf