Cornerstone offers its own unique interpretation of the stones of the world based on a fresh vision and new reproduction technologies.

Distinctive forms and geological rarities collected from the four corners of the planet are used to create a stone collection with unique identity.

Clean surfaces obtained from quarry-hewn stone reveal details of astonishing variety.

Colors available: Rockface | Granite Stone | Slate Multicolor | Slate Grey | Slate Black

Sizes Available:

60x120 (23-5/8"x47-1/4")

30x120 (11-13/16"x47-1/4")

45x90 (17-11/16"x35-7/16")

60x60 (23-5/8"x23x5/8")

30x60 (11-13/16"x23=5/8")

Mosaics and Trims available. 

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Cornerstone Line: 



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