Top performances for outdoor spaces.

High thickness 20mm

Emil Ceramica / Ergon group put together a collection of their finest lines in 20mm thickness for outdoor spaces. 

  • WoodTalk 20mm
  • On Sqaure 20mm
  • Cornerstone 20mm

Intended uses include : patios, balconies, roof gardens | gardens and paths | beaches and beach resorts | outdoor stairways |

hospitality and hotel grounds | industrial areas | driveways and garages

Practical plus factors:  versatile | easy to install | removable, inspectable and reusable | effective drainage | matching indoor and outdoor pavings | needs no treatments and is easy to clean | paths convenient for more than one person.

Technical plus factors: water absorption resistant | bending and breaking strength resistant | frost and fire resistant | stain resistant | slip resistance R-11 - C (A+B+C) | thermal shock resistant | no discolouring with exposure to light | moulds, moss and verdigris resistant | salt resistant

For complete details on the Emil Ceramica / Ergon Outdoor Performance 20mm : emilceramica.20mm_Catalogo_web.pdf