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The objective of this area is to provide all the information currently available by our factory partners that address all environmental aspects of the tile industry, including the latest manufacturing principles, developments, policies, and products for the tile industry.

Green, The New Black

Many industries are build on constant change and quick turnovers, but given the need to protect the environment, most are taking the long-view approach. You no longer need to be an eco-warrior or a hippie to grasp the message. For the cool and stylish, Green is the New Black .  Green websites are now common, as is the need for a factory to provide information regarding their commitment to the environment. 

With eco-awareness becoming a driving force in the manufacturing sector, designers and architects are now more about theory - engaging the peoples deeper needs, their sense of belonging, of protection, and their emotional attachment to things. And it is this same thinking that is affecting everything we care about, do , design, or build.

What is Green Building?

Sustainable, or Green Building design and construction is the opportunity to use our resources more efficiently while creating healthier and more energy efficient homes and commercial spaces. Although there is no magic formula, success comes from leaving a lighter footprint on the environment through conservation of resources, while at the same time balancing energy efficient , cost effective, low maintenance products for our construction needs. In other words, Green Design involves finding the delicate balance between the building and a sustainable environment.

Green Building Principles

  1. Environmental considerations and energy efficiency should become a part of building design and purchasing criteria, consistent with such traditional criteria as product safety, price, performance and availability.
  2. Energy efficiency and environmental performance should be evaluated using a "systems" approach during the entire use-phase of a building.
  3. The process for establishing "sustainable" building/product criteria should include consensus-based decision making, best available science, transparency and openness to all relevant stockholders