Time 2.0 Thinner

Thinner Time 2.0 is the latest generation porcelain thin large format tile in the Florida Tile manufacturing technology.

This unique manufacturing process uses two unrestrained foils compressing the tile to greater that 15,000 psi. This creates a very dense, strong, thin profile tile with increased flexibility, and breaking strength.

In addition, Florida Tile's Thinner Time 2.0 is manufactured with an adhered 0.5mm fiberglass mesh backing, providing additional strength and allowing for ease of drilling, cutting and handling.

The extensive color palette consists of 6 colors ranging from a Snow White to Black, each individual color is comprised of a solid body pigment that sets the overall tone of each tile.

Consistent with the current trend of earthy neutral colors, Thinner Time 2.0 is destined to be a "go to" porcelain tile selection in any design professional's library.

Thinner Time 2.0 is GreenGuard® certified and suitable for all light commercial and residential floor, wall and countertop applications.

Available in 50cmx100cm (19.5"x39"), 100cmx100cm (39"x39") 100cmx300cm (39"x118") in 3 plus thickness, all rectified. Note: Thinner Time 2.0 is also color coordinated to the extensive Time 2.0 10mm porcelain available in a variety of sizes and textures.