This signature wall tile offering combines the best features of the former bright and matte programs and the existing Streamline series with upgrades in formats and the hottest new colors for inspired interior design.

While larger rectangle shapes can be challenging to install with a full 50% offset, the new Streamline is compatible with popular brick patterns.** We have also added mixed glass mosaics and 3 dimensional listellos.

Sizes available: 3x6, 4x4, 4x16. All necessary trim shapes needed to complete any commercial or residential installation, including cove base, cove base corners, quarter rounds, and quarter round corners.

Note: The 4x4, and 4X16 are modular* to each other and the 3x6 and 4x4 sizes now coordinate with our glass and stone items.  

*4x4 Streamline is modular with 4x16 when using a 2mm grout joint. This requires a 1mm spacer between the pieces. There is a slight thickness difference (7.3mm vs 8.0mm between the sizes) that must be accommodated with setting material. 50% offset brick patterns have unique installation challenges regardless of the tile selected. Substrates need to be completely flat and wash lighting is not recommended. A larger grout joint should also be considered.  See the latest TCNA Handbook for Tile Installation for tips on brick patterns.