Aventis Thinner

Florida Tile

Florida Tile is pleased to announce a coordinating Thinner line to one of its newest tile products, Aventis. Inspired by the gritty urban landscape, Aventis defines contemporary design. This Thin Porcelain Tile has the appearance of a concrete that performs to the highest industrial standard of this age-old material. 

Produced in 6 colors that will bring a cool minimal look to your modern space. Each of the six colors is a unique blending of base color with a stain that adds contrast by using an application that allows the slightest shimmer of reflection. Monochromatic in their overall tone, the colors range from a Creamy Beige (Cotton) to a Dark Black (Eclipse).

Designed for large scale commercial or contemporary residential installations.

Aventis 3plus is suitable for interior and exterior, wall, floor and countertop applications in residential and light commercial construction.

More detailed areas of use charts are available in the Thinner Technical Manual at www.floridatile.com/thinner.

This Florida Tile product is Greenguard certified and will contribute to USGBC registered LEED projects. It will also contribute to the ANSI approved NAHB Green Building Standard ICC 70.

Sizes available are 1m x 3m (39” x 118”), 1m x 1m (39” x 39”) and .50m x 1m (19.5” x 39”) all rectified.

Let Division 9 Tile of Long Island help with your interior designs with their selection of Florida tile. Contact us today for more information.