Florida Tile
Florida Tile
Ceramic Tiles Long Island

Inspired by the gritty urban landscape, Aventis defines contemporary design.

With a 6 color palette of strong Grey and Olive tones, these colors will bring a cool minimal look to your modern space.

This Through Body Floor and Wall Tile is a concrete look that both looks the part and performs to the highest industrial standard of this ages old building material.

Created with the latest technology in technical porcelain production, the minimalist nature of the look enhances the complexity of its design.

Each of the six colors is a unique blending of base color with a stain that adds contrast by using an application that allows the slightest shimmer of reflection.

Monochromatic in their overall tone, the colors range from a Creamy Beige (Cotton) to a Dark Black (Eclipse).

Sizes available: 12x24, 24x24, and 2x2 mosaics.