Maximum Marmi

Maximum is the GREATEST format available on the porcelain stoneware market, WITHOUT ADDED agglomerates, a product that comes from carefully selected raw materials. Maximum combines maximum design freedom with great flexibility. Because of the large format, the maxi-slab dramatically reduce the number of joints in the design, which enhances its versatility for any size project. This SELECT series also contributes to environmental concerns, since the reduced thickness (6mm) allows 2 to 3 times less raw material to be used compared to quarry materials, as well as lower energy consumption during production. Thanks to its light weight, easy installation (cutting, drilling, grouting etc) and maintenance the Maximum is particularly indicated for covering walls in both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial areas. This would include exteriors, countertops, and wall partitions. In fact, thanks to its lightness, Maximum can also be used to cover the unusual areas such as yacht and airplane interiors.


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