About Us 

It is the intention of DIVISION 9 to represent a “Select” group of factories and their products in order to provide our clients with materials and technical information that fulfills the specific needs of their individual projects.  This approach helps you to ‘Select” the right product(s) thus maximizing a factories commitment into the program and to inspire a sense of the partnership intended. 

It should not be difficult to imagine the potential of extensive exposure of the companies and products that are represented by DIVISION 9 to our clients in the New York / Manhattan market. 

DIVISION 9 is again successfully moving forward with its partners to become a leader in the Tile and stone industry for “Select” products and services to the architectural / design community. We are confident that the relationships we have established will only prove our worth to you, our clients, and those factories we choose to represent. 

Best regards,

Bryn M. Cernuda

Director - Architectural Marketing