Welcome to www.DIVISION9tile.com    The Website for Design Professionals

www.division9tile.com  is a free resource for all design professionals with the expressed goal of increasing customer awareness and usage for our factory partner's products and services.

Our website is designed to highlight our factory partner’s products, services, and educational offerings, and provide architects, designers, developers, and contractors with everything you need to make the right selection of tile, stone or installation materials for your specific project.

With the relationship that exists between Division 9 and our factory partners we are in a unique position to provide professional support to you, ensuring the best products and specification materials availability for any sized project. This arrangement has helped many of our clients avoid losing a specification due to "value engineering."

It is our goal to make sure that everyone who chooses to work with our factory partners is satisfied with their experience.

We hope you find our website to be the most useful tool in your search for tile, stone, and allied products as well as answers to all your technical specification needs.


Division 9 Architectural Marketing Director

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Chosen in preference to another or others; selected. Of special value or excellence; Exclusive